About Colin

Dr. R. Colin Tait is an expert copywriter, editor, and researcher. Over the last 15 years, he earned his Ph.D. in Film Studies from UT-Austin, co-authored a book on Steven Soderbergh for Columbia University Press, and served as an Assistant Professor at Texas Christian University. His work has been published in The Playlist, Flow, Velvet Light Trap, and Cinephile.


Colin’s expertise in pop culture has made him a sought-after editor, producer, interviewer, and conference moderator. He has moderated panels for the Lone Star Film Festival, Dallas Video Fest and Hill Country Festival and he hosts a regular movie series "Thursdays with Dr. Tait" at the Grand Berry Theater. His celebrity interviews include Robert De Niro, Steven Soderbergh, Zach Braff, and the cast and crew of Friday Night Lights.  


Most importantly, he is lucky to be a husband and father to an active family.  Colin is originally from Canada.



Colin's passion for teaching has led him to guide countless students to success. He believes that using collaboration to foster creativity and independence is the key to success. His passion for writing shines through in his many published works. Colin believes in the importance of research and conversation to advance film studies, and it shows in every word he puts on the page.